Roet Releases Sophomore Single 'Here For You' [Listen]

We all drift apart, we all float away” are the beginning lyrics you hear in Roet’s newest release, “Here For You.” Roet, an artist that River Beats has supported in the past, is back again with his sophomore single. His cool, almost R&B-influenced vocals, is what can be argued as most striking in his music that we’ve heard so far. A blend of mellow electronic beats fill the background as his vocals parallel effortlessly.

Acting as the sole producer and singer/songwriter to all of his music, this drastically sets him apart from his peers. He is truly the mastermind behind all of his music, ensuring us that we are seeing the most authentic and raw side to the artist. Despite being a rather “new” artist, his production certainly doesn’t scream “I’m new at this.” This is definitely the beginning for the growing artist as he continues to hone in on his unique niche sound and perfecting his luxurious production further.

Check out “Here For You” below:

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