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Introducing Indie-Electronic Artist Roet

For those that find themselves gravitating towards the indie-electronic with vocals genre, add Roet to your playlists. Earlier this week, Roet, aka Zach Alwin, released the lead single, titled “Love You/Love Me,” from his forthcoming EP 1. EP 1 will be released later this summer on September 3.

“Love You/Love Me” is the introduction to his new 2019 project. With the final EP releasing later this summer, there’s no doubt he will pop with his infectious and cool sound.

Alwin falls smack in between mellow, yet groovy dance music, complete with vocals intertwined. He is the sole creator behind all of his music as he creates and perfects the beats, incorporating his own vocals. Check out some of his other music below, including the single that got him started: “Points.”

“The writing of ‘Love You/Love Me’ started with the thought, ‘what’s the most personally embarrassing way I could begin a song?’ It’s a lot harder to make positive change in the world or love somebody else if you don’t respect yourself, and a big part of self respect is facing the fear of letting yourself be seen, warts and all.  I guess I was trying to jump start the conversation: ‘If I can make this much of an ass out of myself, there’s no reason you can’t be your true self’”


Featured image via artist. 

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