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RL Grime Announces New ‘Fun’ Edits Coming Sometime This Year

Anytime RL Grime announces some sort of new project, we here at River Beats get excited, and when I say “We” I mean mostly myself and a few others. Let’s be real, there isn’t much the dude can put out that I won’t listen too. He has my attention pretty much 95% of the time. 

So when RL takes to social media to announce he is dropping some “fun” live edits throughout the rest of the year, I freak out a tad on the inside. There is nothing better than some show edits that typically don’t see the light of day, getting an actual release. If you remember right, we were gifted with a fantastic mashup of RL & Flume that is still in my SoundCloud rotation to this day. 

Whether these fun edits will come all at once, or over the course of several weeks or months is another question. For now, be glad some new RL is headed our way. You can see the full post from Mr. Grime below. 


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gonna be putting out a few fun edits i’ve made for my live sets over the course of the year is that cool with y’all or

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