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RL Grime Releases ‘NOVA Pure’ Featuring Ten Instrumental Tracks [Listen]

Let’s be honest here: we all know that NOVA was one of the top dance albums of 2018. It was RL Grime‘s “coming out” party and he did not disappoint.

It’s rare that an artist gets to ride the wave of their original hits, but that’s just what RL Grime did before NOVA. This album became his way of showcasing his talents and changing the landscape of what we think trap is.

Fast forward to 2019, and we’re still listening to NOVA. Since its debut, we’ve been gifted with two full remix packs, and now something even more exciting: a full instrumental album. NOVA Pure features instrumental singles for just about every single on the album. Nova is the album that keeps on giving.

so dive into RL Grime’s new collection below and see what instrumental is your favorite.

Photo: Rukes

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