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Super Future & S e s h Flip Cardi B on 'Brodak Yellah' [Listen]

Hot off their stellar “Air Bender,” Michigan producers Super Future and s e s h have sourced Cardi B‘s breakout tune “Bodak Yellow” for a rattling deep dub edit.

While her debut “Invasion of Privacy” is a controversial Best Rap Album winner, no one can forget that it was Cardi’s trademark sass on “Bodak Yellow” months earlier that cemented her bravado to the masses.

Interestingly, this starry track sets those iconic trap boasts over a deeply meditative backdrop, and it makes them sound fresh again once more by taking them out of context. Super Future and s e s h set a deep ethereal tone quickly with wandering rhythms and delicate pluck melodies.

Taking cues from melodic artists like Supertask, they plunge into a dark, echoing bassline. You can hear Cardi chopped and layered in at random, her occasional “I’m a b-b-boss” sounding more like snares and cymbals to match the stuttering rhythms.

You’ve never heard Bacardi quite like this before, and it’s commendable to hear 2017’s most played track reimagined in a way that still feels dangerous thanks to some tasteful low-end work.

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  1. Hell yeah Caleb! Always supporting hot music <3

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