R4ID Has No OPPOSITION With This Newest Release [LISTEN]
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R4ID Has No ‘OPPOSITION’ With This Newest Release [LISTEN]

Trap kings, Partica Artist Group, are at it again with their latest release and it’s an absolute stinger of a track. They bring out the big guns with this new release from R4ID called “OPPOSITION.” Time and time again, they prove that their new sound of Trap 2 is the way of the future for the genre.

“OPPOSITION” first hits you right in the mouth with experimental wonky sub-bass. Next, it comes at you with an infectious beat that proves to be a real ear-worm. Finally, it peppers in that vocal FX through the mix to give it a good flavor.

I’ve listened to this track a few times now and I’m able to pick something new out each time I do. In short, I’m a huge fan of this track and I think you will end up loving it too.

Feature Photo Credit: R4ID SoundCloud

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