PREMIERE: Dance Along to Golf Clap's New Single 'Rush'
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PREMIERE: Dance Along to Golf Clap’s New Single ‘Rush’

Dancers dancing to house music against an everyday backdrop. It may be a simple formula, but it’s one that never fails to capture a viewer’s attention. This time, it’s Detroit duo Golf Clap that chose this medium to debut their latest single.

The video (produced by Street Player) shows off some sharp moves from UK dancer Balance Unity along with help from co-star Benjy. Anybody that enjoys watching amateur dance videos on Instagram feeds will notice the familiar ingredients: carefree dancers, improvised moves, and a homegrown feel.

“Rush” is yet another tech house notch to add to Golf Clap‘s ever-growing repertoire of singles and mixes.

Fans that want to stream just the audio for “Rush” can do so via Soundcloud HERE. Although enthusiasts can only pre-order for now, the track will officially release on Friday, July 21st. On the release date, it is available as either a standalone single or a part of Madtech Records’ Summer 17 compilation.

For more on Golf Clap, check out River Beats‘s recent interview with the duo HERE.

Feature image courtesy of Street Player.

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