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Virtual Self Back To Back Porter Robinson is Happening this Weekend at Ultra Korea

Martin Garrix recently announced a cancellation to all of his tour stops as he recovers from a torn ligament in his ankleThe injury is much worse than expected, as all of his ligaments are completely torn. Garrix suffered the injury while playing in Las Vegas on May 25th. 

One of those canceled stops is Ultra Korea, happening this weekend. Since Garrix’s sudden announcement, Porter Robinson has gracefully stepped in to fill the spot at Ultra. While that in itself is really cool, there is one huge wow factor surrounding that announcement. 

Virtual Self is scheduled to play right before Garrix, meaning Porter will play a Virtual Self-set, and directly follow that up with a Porter Robinson DJ set. Two straight hours of Porter. Playing two completely different sets. Porter took to Twitter yesterday to wish Garrix well, and tell fans about his unique opportunity at Ultra Korea. 

Porter Robinson (DJ Set) is filling in for Martin Garrix at Ultra Korea from r/porterrobinson

This is about as unique a situation as it comes. Fans in Korea will get the chance to see two different sets without even having to change stages. Bravo to Porter for continuing to push the boundaries. We wish Martin Garrix a speedy recovery! 

Cancer Free

On an even more exciting note, Porter also took to social media yesterday to share some amazing news. His younger brother Mark, who was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in 2017, is 100% “cancer-free and thriving.” 

Porter announced his upcoming festival, Second Sky Fest, will generate support for curing the disease in areas of the world that can’t support treatment and top-notch healthcare. You can see Porter’s full touching post below. 


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in november of 2016, my then 17-year-old younger brother Mark was hospitalized with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma. he had a mass in his abdomen that was doubling in size every 24 hours. mark is pretty much my best friend – it was utterly devastating and one of the most difficult things i’ve ever been through (and surely a million times worse for him). through mark’s own fortitude, and through the high quality of care from his doctors (Drs. Westmoreland & Hipps), nurses and staff at @UNCMedicine, i’m extremely happy to say that, as of February 2017 Mark finished his treatment and is now 100% cancer free and thriving. here’s why i’m bringing this up: the survival rate for Burkitt lymphoma in the US is 90% or higher. but for kids in malawi, where it’s much more common due to the connection between malaria and this form of cancer, the survival rate can be as low as about 29%. one of Mark’s doctors, Dr. Westmoreland, leads the pediatric cancer program that UNC operates in Malawi. i’m starting a fund in cooperation with UNC to help improve the survival rate in that region so that those families won’t have to needlessly lose loved ones. in this case, more resources translates directly into higher survival rates. Second Sky (@secondskyfest) is going to have a booth (with Mark’s doctor there!) to share information and accept donations for this cause — we have a goal to raise $50,000 (or hopefully higher) and i’m going to match everyone’s donations at the festival! if you’d like to get involved in supporting this cause, you can find more information here (also the link in my bio):

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