Virtual Self's US Festival Debut is Live in its Entirety... And it's Amazing [Watch]

Virtual Self’s US Festival Debut is Live in its Entirety… And it’s Amazing [Watch]

This past weekend, Virtual Self made history at BUKU Music + Arts Project. New Orleans hosted Porter’s alias for his first United States festival debut, and it was perfect with all it’s imperfections. Despite a 10-minute break after some sound issues occurred, he bounced back with a vengeance. Those that left the Float Den during this cut should be kicking themselves right now.

At the beginning, this concept was hard to grasp for many electronic music fans. However, after watching the performance and FEELING the energy, it is so refreshing. Refreshing to the genre, and refreshing to Porter as an artist. Being in the crowd and feeling the energy exuded is inexplainable. The entire aesthetic and light rig that Porter has constructed around Virtual Self is next level.

Catch Virtual Self at his next performance at Ultra Miami. This is a CAN’T MISS performance!

Watch and listen to the set in its entirety below:

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