Phyphr Unveils Fresh Tour Alongside His Soulful EP 'Valley of Death' [Listen]

Phyphr Unveils Fresh Tour Alongside His Soulful EP ‘Valley of Death’ [Listen]

Phyphr is back on River Beats Dance today with his new EP, Valley of Death. It’s a vibe that explores darkness, light, and rebirth – a soundtrack for navigating life’s wild twists. The EP’s got three killer singles – “Don’t Bother,” “Valley of Death,” and “From All Evil” – with those signature soulful ballads, funky basslines, and perfectly timed bass drops. You can’t help but hit repeat.

Phyphr’s music is like a funky electro-soul party, all while mixing in live guitar vibes. His latest album, “Catalyst,” dropped in February 2023 and has already hit 100,000 streams, thanks to dope collaborations with artists like Manic Focus and Jason Leech.

And guess what? Phyphr just kicked off his Valley of Death Tour, hitting up places like Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, and Gem & Jam Fest. It’s not just a tour; it’s a visual and musical makeover, giving you a front-row seat to Phyphr’s new sound and look. 

See the full tour for “The Valley of Death” EP below, and also give the entire EP a listen, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 


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