ODESZA Hints At New NO.SLEEP Mix, Shares Photo of Project on Social Media

This is what we need folks. ODESZA just hinted a brand new NO.SLEEP mix, after sharing a photo of a file on their computer. 

The Seattle duo last shared a NO.SLEEP mix during their album push in 2017. No.SLEEP Mix.11 was one of the groups best to date. 


During the on-going COVID-19 situation, any ODESZA news is good news. With all touring acts basically at a standstill, this will really get fans of the group and their label Foreign Family Collective excited. 

While no date has been set, the photo seems to symbolize that the mix is either in production or basically finished. Expect to see NO.SLEEP Mix.12 sometime this week or early next! 

UPDATE: NO.SLEEP Mix 12.0 is due out Wednesday, March, 25!

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