ODESZA Builds Excitement Over Upcoming Album Release [Video + NO. SLEEP Mix]
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ODESZA Builds Excitement Over Upcoming Album Release [Video + NO. SLEEP Mix]

ODESZA fans are just two and a half short weeks away from a brand new album. The duo is taking every chance at creating suspense over the upcoming release for A Moment Apart. Utilizing all social media methods, Harrison and Clayton of ODESZA have taken a creative approach to get fans excited.

A couple days ago, a mysterious video posted directly on their Instagram page featured coordinates for an unknown location. The coordinates directed to a mysterious building. This led fans to believe that a possible pop-up show was in the works. Nothing has been confirmed; however, a photo featured the boys standing in front of a door located at the coordinates.


A post shared by ODESZA (@odesza) on



A post shared by ODESZA (@odesza) on

Today, a mysterious edited video went live via the ODESZA Facebook page. The video displayed different scenes from past shows. The ODESZA logo (the icosahedron) popped up in different locations (possibly diffnerent tour stops?). ODESZA truly loves teasing their fans, as over 500+ viewers watched the elusive video live.

The video officially launched the ODESZA No Sleep Mix 11, plus additional stops in Las Vegas, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, and Boston. Give the much awaited 11th mix a listen below.

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