One of ODESZA's Top Singles Featured In New Peloton Commercial [Watch]
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One of ODESZA’s Top Singles Featured In New Peloton Commercial [Watch]

Peloton has been everywhere over the past few years. The at-home riding bike has seen its fair share of viral moments since it arrived on the scene a few years back. 

Meanwhile, Seattle’s super duo ODESZA has also been everywhere over the past few years. Their third studio album, A Moment Apart, has seen its share of hit singles, and commercial features. In 2018, ODESZA saw one of their hits featured in Game of Thrones commercial and now in 2020 ODESZA is once again banking in on a Tv feature with Peloton. 

The commercial is a 2:20 minute clip featuring one of ODESZA’s top hits, “Late Night.” The Peloton ad takes a deep dive into what the bike is and what it does for those that purchase it. The single is a perfect fit for the ad, and we can see why ODESZA’s music always seems to be a good fit for so many Tv spots. 

The Pelton feature was released earlier this month, but we recently just discovered it. Take a look at the video below, and let us know what you think about ODESZA’s work with Peloton. 

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