MZG Return with Freshly Squeezed Beat Treatment Mix [Listen]
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MZG Return with Freshly Squeezed Beat Treatment Mix [Listen]

Out now on SoundCloud, MZG breaks their silence with heart-pounding Beat Treatment minimix. Featuring unreleased IDs, edits, and tunes the boys have been spinning, Beat Treatment is the Next Chapter in the twin DJ duo.

Brothers Zach and Charles Weinert put their heads together in 2014 and have been setting dancefloors on fire ever since. Shorthand for monozygotic, identical twins, MZG has also unveiled a full visual presentation to complement. With inspiration from electro-funk to hip hop and trap. The boys always have a little something for everyone.

Freshly Picked Beats

Jumping across genres debuting multiple unreleased tracks while featuring all of their own original music and artwork, the boys from Duval, Florida are showing they stayed busy during the downtime of the pandemic. From trap to hip-hop with so much musicality and sound design sprinkled in, this mix is something to marvel at and shows that MZG has so much new music to release for their fans.

After moving to Colorado, the duo wasted no time and dove into performances as support for Herobust, Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke), and more before the unprecedented lockdown. Left with nothing but time on their hands, they chose to dig in.

“We know everyone’s story is different but               this was our personal ode to how we’ve been
experiencing the past year and a half.” – MZG

MZG spent countless hours in the lab during quarantine. For the twins, music is one of the best remedies when pushing through tough times. The tension of the unknown in the pandemic is expressed early in the mix, with a transition in tempo to represent the passing of time and emotions throughout.

The latest work displayed has us on the edge of our seats for the twins’ road ahead. Where do you want to see MZG set the dancefloor ablaze with their audiovisual performance in the future?

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