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Monxx Cancelled 10+ Shows Within A Year: Here’s A Full List

It’s the running joke in the electronic music world that Monxx cancels a ton of shows. It’s come to the point where everyone’s wondering: “Why do people still book him?” After his recent cancellation in Milkwaukee, which he cancelled on BEFORE… River Beats decided to compile a recent list of shows he’s cancelled.

The craziest part? All of these cancellations are within a one-year time frame.

Updated on October 4, 2018. 

Shows Monxx cancelled:

High Caliber Music Festival: Apparently, Monxx did not feel safe attending this festival due to “negative online backlash” and pulled out last minute. He made no official announcement about this cancellation. Plus, we received no other info besides the screenshot of the email made by his manager.

 Lost Lands Music Festival – Okay, we’ll cut him some slack here. Due to weather, Excision informed Monxx that his set was cut. Excision cancelled on Monxx before Monxx cancelled on him (lol).

Lake Worth, Florida – Cancelled due to “food poisoning.” Later, he got caught posting on Snapchat enjoying some Jack Daniels and an entire lobster dinner. The show was supposed to begin at 8:00 PM.










Also, let’s take a gander at this tweet.

Miramar in Milwaukee, times 2 – Once due to a miscellaneous cause, and the other due to “getting assaulted at the airport.”

Big Dub Music Festival – This cancellation cued all the Monxx/Red Lobster memes. Enjoy one below.

Older cancellations


Grand Rapids, Michigan – “Sick.”

Detroit, Michigan, times 3 – No idea. Sick, maybe?

Block Party in Brisbane, Australia + shows in Sydney and Perth – Medical issues.

Manchester, New Hampshire – His things were stolen.

Shows he made up (2)


Virginia Beach – He did make this one up in December.

St. Louis in November – He cancelled for food poisoning (again), but he did make up the show for this.

His next major performance is at Lost Lands in a week. Will Monxx cancel this set? Stay tuned to find out!

Update: He did not play Lost Lands (see above).

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 


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  1. Monxx also cancelled a show at Valhalla Sound Circus in Quebec this year, July 22nd. Reason we heard was that he missed his flight

  2. He also cancelled at a scheduled festival in July called Big Dub Festival hosted by Badass Raves.

    This man is beyond unprofessional.

  3. In regards to your statement “he definitely could’ve gotten to Ohio earlier/on time”; Monxx played our show in Calgary on 9/15. This show was booked back in April. We worked with his agent to ensure he would be in Ohio on time. We even allowed him to perform earlier than his originally scheduled set time as he wanted to ensure he would be in Lost Lands on time. There was only one flight out of Alberta that could get him to Ohio on time. He drove 2.5hrs in the middle of the night to get to the Edmonton International Airport. He then caught a 6:00am flight to connect with another flight that would take him to Lost Lands. He arrived in Ohio with plenty of time to spare before his previously scheduled time, and was ready to perform. This one is on Mother Nature.

    John McMahon, Managing Partner
    Top Line Music International

    • Thank you for this information, John. We will edit this accordingly. We appreciate you reaching out!

      Sean Schmidt
      COO River Beats

  4. Looks like he pulled out of the High Caliber Festival in Philadelphia Sept 29th due to negative online backlash and multiple violent threats from attendees.

  5. He just cancelled his performance at High Caliber Battleship. All the info is their most recent post on their Facebook event/page.


  6. Show canceled in Texas

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