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Monxx Gets Into it With Multiple Top-Name Producers on Twitter

We’re not sure that there is another electronic producer that has ruffled as many feathers as riddim artist Monxx. There aren’t many things that EDM Twitter agrees on, but the hatred for Monxx is a common ground for most. There is even a thread on /r/Trap about why everyone hates him so much. And the list of people blocked by Monxx is growing more and more by the day.

…So what did he do this time?

This time, he tweeted an innocent quote about an upcoming collaboration with vomit-step creator Snails. Then, producers who he allegedly f*cked over took hold of the thread. Take a peek at the madness below.





Let’s just say, this collab with Snails probably ISN’T going to happen…

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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