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Mindex Combines Bass Music and Ballet In Provoking Music Video [Watch]

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Growing up in Moscow with an opera singer mother, Mindex spent a lot of time in theaters. Specifically, Stanislavsky Theatre, where he oftentimes watched ballets stage-side. Now producing music in a sector he calls cinematic bass music years later, Mindex has combined his boyhood allure for ballet and skills as a musician to create a blending of the arts in a highly-provoking music video.

The music video and NFT features Mindex’s track “Mental Borders” and ballerina Ekaterina Pokrovskaya in a tantalizing choreography that sews the unlikely elements of bass music and ballet. Pokrovskaya is a highly-accomplished ballerina who has toured the world with the Russian Ballet Company and danced solo parts in various classical shows. However, her fame is not what brought these two artists together, a childhood friendship did.

Both Mindex and Pokrovskaya grew up in Moscow, Russia with dreams to take their art to a broader scale. Now, as two friends who have grown vivaciously in their respective departments and taken their dreams overseas, they have gotten the rare opportunity to collaborate on a project that combines both of their trades. And the fact that both of their careers have come full-circle like this and manifested itself into a combined creative effort only makes the music video more powerful.

The track that’s featured in the music video, “Mental Borders,” comes from Mindex’s recent EP appropriately titled Body Language. The six-song album follows a string of releases and live performances that Mindex has curated and fine-tuned over the years, including an opening slot at Saenger Theatre in New Orleans with Tipper & Friends. 

“The most gratifying part of the process was listening to the EP from start to finish with my eyes closed and realizing that it is something I wanted to make for a very long time: a tasteful symbiosis of cinematic, classical sound with electronica/bass music.”

  • Mindex

A tasteful symbiosis indeed. 

For more interdimensional sonic mastery by Mindex – check out his SoundCloud. For more styling of the effortless Pokrovskaya – tune into her Patreon. And for more River Beats, you know where to go.

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