Mielo Releases Dreamy Debut EP 'Anywhere But Here' [Listen]

Chicago-Based Mielo‘s dreamy debut EP Anywhere But Here has finally arrived in its entirety, and it’s quite the trip.

Following two superb single releases, Mielo rounds out his Anywhere But Here EP today with two new tracks. In our previous coverage of Scar, featuring Cailee Rae, and ILY, featuring Sarah de Warren, Mielo’s versatility with his retro-infused synths caught our attention. With the full EP in hand, Mielo’s illustrious vision comes full circle.

The EP covers a wide spectrum, from emotional displeasure and physical fatigue, eliciting the dominant theme of Anywhere But Here. Mielo tells the tale cautiously, covering love and deceit on the four-track EP. Reflecting on the journey to the EP’s release, Mielo explains:

“ ‘Anywhere But Here’ is a compilation of songs going over the vast feelings and situations a young up-and-coming artist experiences before they ‘make it.’ When I started the EP writing process, I had just gotten through some tough times of depression, self-doubt and wondering if I could even make music and be successful doing it. I was lost about who I was as a person and as an artist, so I decided to make some very important changes that to this day have been the best thing I ever did.” – Mielo

The EP’s opening track, “I Hope This Was Worth It,” is a contemplative instrumental with an alluring, yet desolate airiness. Mielo’s indie-pop vocal collaborations illustrate the artist’s ups and downs before ultimately landing right side up on “Anywhere But Here.” The closing track features Tori Letzler on vocals weaving through a final serving of Mielo’s addicting leads. The delicate pianos close out the EP just as it starts, though on an emphatically more blissful note.

You can catch Mielo on tour this spring, with an EP release party tonight, March 29th, in Chicago, with additional dates in Washington DC, Denver, Seattle, Iowa City, and more to follow. More information and tickets are available here.

Give Anywhere But Here a listen below and let us know what you think!

Featured photo via artist Facebook by Chris Yoder

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