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Middlelands Artist Spotlight: Elohim

Shrouded in secrecy, Elohim snuck onto the scene in early 2015 with her hit singles “Xanax” and “She Talks Too Much” as she carved her own distinct lane within electronic music. The often masked DJ/Producer released her self-titled debut EP last year and recently made waves with the release of “Love Is Alive” with future bass duo Louis the Child.

Elohim uses the obscurity around her identify as a major part of her artistic expression–keeping her name, face and personal information away from the public eye and even going as far as using a text to voice system when speaking in interviews. But of what we do know, the Los Angeles-based producer is an unparalleled musical talent that has made her the girl to see as the summer festival season picks up.

Her unique sound is self-described as “experiential alternative.” Stating in an interview with Fuse that her music has been influenced by any and all music she has been exposed to in the past, including everything from Chopin and Billie Holiday, to Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, and Thelonious Monk. Aside from her wealth of influences, Elohim also grew up playing classical piano and developing the strong music background that allows her to also produce all of her own music.

In an interview with Vanyaland, Elohim discussed the origin of her name, which historically means “god,” and the significance performing and creating music under the name:

“I love that the word “Elohim” feels strong and empowering. Even phonetically, it sounds and feels like strength. I am constantly on the quest to find independence, positivity, and strength within. At the end of the day you have yourself and only yourself, and we need to be ok with that. We need to love ourselves and the people around us. We all have this inner light within, and I think that is godly.”

Enigmatic and powerful, the essence of Elohim is heard in every production, but it can also be felt and experienced. It’s safe to say, this is an artist you want to go out of your way to see live. Elohim will perform at Middlelands on May 5-7, in Todd Mission, Texas. View the entire lineup and get your tickets here.

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