Merger Teams Up with Mahalo's For Latest Track 'Too Much' via ARMADA Music [Listen]

Merger Teams Up with Mahalo’s For Latest Track ‘Too Much’ via ARMADA Music [Listen]

Merger is once again making waves on River Beats Dance Today. The musical duo hailing from New Orleans has already treated listeners to a consistent stream of new releases throughout this year, and their most recent offering has just been unveiled: “Too Much” by Mahalo & Merger, now available on ARMADA Music.

This latest track draws its inspiration from the world of synth-heavy progressive house, deep house, and trance. If you’re a fan of artists like Kx5, Kasablanca, and Citadelle, you’re bound to be captivated by this tune.

Speaking about the creation of the track, Merger shared,

“This song felt like it effortlessly fell into place. Typically, our tracks take several weeks to months to develop due to our busy schedules, but this time, we crafted most of the instrumental elements in a single sitting over a couple of hours. Following that, we reached out to Mahalo for a collaboration, as he had previously connected with us the year before. This remix featured some remarkable artists such as Lipless and Julian Gray. Mahalo contributed his vocals and played a pivotal role in bringing the mix and melodies to life.”

Merger consists of the talented duo Paul Tabary and David Moolekamp, both of whom have professional backgrounds in corporate finance and accounting. However, their shared passion for music led them to create a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends elements from both the underground and mainstream realms of house music.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023, Merger is shifting its focus towards live performances. One of the standout events in their lineup is Hell’s Gala in NOLA on October 28th, where they will share the stage with acclaimed artists such as Aluna, Mau P, and John Summit.

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