Matthew Chaim's Stunning 7-Track Album, 'The Mathematics of Nature,' is Here [Listen]

Earlier this year, we featured Matthew Chaim and a lovely music video to accompany his singe “Sunflowers.” Today, we’re delighted to cover his full-length, 7-track project, The Mathematics of Nature. The album includes two previously released singles, “Sunflowers” and “Reason,” alongside 5 new original Matthew Chaim tracks.

Chaim worked on The Mathematics of Nature while traveling cross-country from his hometown of Montreal to his new home in Los Angeles, California. He found himself inspired by the beauty of nature, mathematics, and how the two intertwine in our every day lives. This introspective journey he experienced is heard within the album, arriving as a journey of “personal growth and self-discovery.” The album is a delicate balance between indie-pop and indie-electronic tinged sounds, one that we are definitely fond of.

Dive into the cool sounds of Matthew Chaim below:

The Mathematics of Nature is a conversation with myself, a conversation with my father, a conversation with someone I love. It is a meditation on the helpless nature of death, the healing nature of love, and the restless nature of our own minds.”

Featured image via artist. 

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