Matthew Chaim's Latest Single 'Reason' is Here [Listen]

Following the release of his single “Sunflowers,” Matthew Chaim returns with the indie-electronica tinged “Reason.” According to Chaim, “Reason” is a heartfelt tune about love. In a world where humans are able to get lost in their own head, Chaim dives into these thoughts and the dark rabbit hole one can become consumed by.

He explains further:

What I’ve learnt, however, is that it is true connection and relating to others that can actually help us heal those spaces within us that we so often distract ourselves from. It is the love in our lives that gives us the strength to heal. Ergo, love heals. Amen.

– Matthew Chaim

We all need a reason. What’s yours?

This fall sees Matthew’s sophomore EP, along with shows in both Los Angeles and Toronto later this year.

September 19 – Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
September 26th – Sayer’s Club – Los Angeles, CA
October 28th – School Night – Toronto, ON


Featured image via artist.

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