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Notable Hip-Hop Producer Alex Lustig Continues Successful Transition to Dance Music with New Ep ‘Wave002’ [Listen]

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past year and a half, then you have witnessed first hand the rise of k?d, Medasin, and Autograf.

And while all three acts share different sounds, they all share one similar thing. They’re managed by the hottest management team in electronic music right now ALT:Vision.

While these names have been all over your radar, it’s ALT:Vision’s newest signee that is getting us super excited. Belgium producer Alex Lustig is carving his own niche. After producing beats for some of hip-hop’s hottest names, Including Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, and Young Thug Lustig’s solo project is reaching new heights.

After several successful releases under the ALT:Vision brand, Lustig is back with 3 track EP titled Wav002. 

Why do we like it?!

“Free Flow” will have you feeling like you’re flying through the clouds. “Heavenly” is a stunning composition and “Enough” ft. Akacia is the epitome of chill pop music.  

Lustig’a sound is super hot right now, and with the strong team behind him, expect to see more quality releases out of this producer soon.

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