Lil Fish Crafts Elegance on 'Lost Voices' ft. Clozee [Listen]

Lil Fish Crafts Elegance on 'Lost Voices' ft. Clozee [Listen]

Fans of the fluid, gin-clear downtempo that Emancipator, Bonobo, and especially CloZee popularized are going to love France’s Lil’ Fish.

Debuting his track “Lost Voices” on Gravitas Music, Lil Fish delicately plucks heartstrings by way of understated, colorful vocal samples and rose-colored melodies.

Give “Lost Voices” a listen below:

While the melody trails with a ghostly effervescence, a stone-cold snare gives the track a satisfying weight and punch. A pulsing sub-bass frequency lurks sternly under the surface, giving the track a towering shape to anchor the florid glow.

Enlisting fellow Toulouse producer CloZee to collaborate on this track makes too much sense. A worldly and creative beatsmith in her own right, “Lost Voices” glows with the evergreen luster that made her “Evasion” album so enticing.

The entirety of Lil Fish’s “Organic” EP will follow on July 2, featuring five more tracks from this relatively new voice on our radar. Color us excited.

Featured image via artist. 

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