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L D R U Drops Steamy New Single 'Lay You Down' [Listen]

L D R U just released a dazzling brand new single featuring rising pop artist Muki.

After departing from his collaborative effort Carmada with Yahtzel, Australian producer L D R U has pushed full speed ahead on his solo project. The producer’s first treat of 2019 comes in the form of a mystical collaboration, “Lay You Down,” with fellow-Aussie artist Muki. Along with the track, L D R U debuted a stunning visual following the love-struck pairs across vivid scenes in Tokyo, boasting the track’s suggestive theme:

“Lay You Down” opens with lustful vocals and rather sparse production. The track showcases a softer side for Muki, who’s best known for her animated bubblegum-pop sound. As the energy builds around Muki’s vocals, spinning arpeggiators rise to give the track a future-inspired feel. The crisp percussion and rising synths underscore Muki’s addicting hook perfectly, with passion gushing from the track.

The single serves as a follow-up to L D R U’s crunchy late-2018 single “I Can’t Drive” featuring Mammals. With this collaboration, Muki and L D R U match on all fronts, and we’re pumped to hear what’s next from L D R U in 2019.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

Featured photo via @kamilsleeps.

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