Two of Australia's Future Bass Pioneers Just Announced They are Splitting Up
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Two of Australia’s Future Bass Pioneers Just Announced They are Splitting Up

Carmada, one of Australia’s rising duo’s, just called it quits via Facebook.

Consisting of the well known LDRU and Yahtzel, Carmada’s rise to fame was fast and swift. The two were early pioneers of the future bass sound coming out of Australia.

Their hit singles “Maybe” and “On Fire” catapulted the producers into stardom. “Maybe” featured remixes from Getter, Dr. Fresch, Pegboard Nerds & several other well-known producers.

Two recent singles and a popular collaboration with NGHTMRE seemed to signal that Carmada was grinding hard again. But, LDRU’s surprise announcement on Facebook signaled the end of Carmada for now.

You can read LDRU’s full statement below.

Yahtzel is apart of ODESZA’s Foreign Family Label, and LDRU has a very popular solo career; so, keep an eye out for their upcoming solo releases.


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