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Lady Gaga Reveals HAUS LABORATORIES & Co-Production Help From Tchami and Boys Noize

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga tweeted that she was “pregnant with a new album” that featured help from Boys Noize, SOPHIE, and others. Lady Gaga has been known to work with electronic producers in the past, including Tchami, who helped produce “Applause,” but this news was intriguing to both fans of the spectrum. Now, it seems that hints of her project will be released to the world next Monday, July 15. Welcome to the world Gaga’s new makeup line: HAUS LABORATORIES. 

In the caption, she explains music by herself, BloodPop, Tchami, & Boys Noize will be featured. Though Tchami and Boys Noize are plenty known, BloodPop also deserves some recognition. BloodPop has helped with iconic pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Madonna, along with more behind-the-scenes takes.

The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand. But, that’s too bad.” -Gaga

 Give the preview in Gaga’s new makeup line video announcement a listen below. Listen closely!

Which are you most excited for: the makeup or the music?

Featured image via artist Instagram.

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