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Lady Gaga Tweets She’s ‘Pregnant’ With New Album, Boys Noize & SOPHIE Set to Co-Produce

It’s been quite the 2019 already for Lady Gaga. After endless nominations and winnings for ShallowLady Gaga has been riding the high of Shallow. It seems that most of her time has been spent wrapped in the production of the film, leaving her little time to work on any new music… until now!

Apparently, there are rumors swirling that Lady Gaga is “pregnant.” To clear the air, she informed that she was indeed pregnant, with #LG6. Aka: her new album.

While this is good news for all the Lady Gaga stans, dance music fans should get excited that two popular producers are set to co-produce the album. Both SOPHIE and Boys Noize hinted that they were working on the project. Only time will tell what type of influence they have. Gaga’s last album, Joanne, debuted in 2016. 

Featured image via Michael Bucker/Variety/Rex/Shutterstock. 

H/T: The Fader


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