Kursa Releases Highly Anticipated ID with Alicia Kiah, Announces New Label

Kursa Releases Highly Anticipated ID with Alicia Kiah, Announces New Label


Tell the whole world. On April 26th, underground bass maestro Kursa released a long-awaited ID that has left its mark seared into minds and dance floors around the world. “Got Something To Say?” is an elegant dub banger with a cutting force and deep bass sweep, smoothly crafted with the enchanting strings of violinist Alicia Kiah.

Musical Minds Meld

Kursa is the acclaimed project of Oska Turton, intrepid producer who grew up in the illegal rave scene of England, absorbing everything he heard and processing this diversity into a distinct, nuanced sound.

Recently drawing inspiration from genres like trip hop, RnB, jazz, contemporary classical, and jersey club, Kursa’s music continues to push boundaries into new and exciting territory with all the experimental grit of his roots in the underground.


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Kursa always seems hard at work in the lab, producing an eclectic array of bedlamite bass to share with the world on a regular basis. This past year saw the release of NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THIS and a number of exciting EPs and singles. Yet he still finds the time to spread his sound live with a constant thread of shows and festival slots, headlining events recently in major cities like Philly, Denver, Chicago, and Detroit, not to mention his work as half of jungle duo S.Murk and other collaborations.

Alicia Kiah is a violinist and visual artist based in Pennsylvania. She has collaborated with artists like Thought Process, TRUTH, 5AM Trio, KOAN Sound, and more, both live and in the studio.

The addition of Kiah’s string work in “Got Something To Say?” adds a seamless flair that augments the extraordinary breadth of Kursa’s range in a fresh and unique way. Luckily, this won’t be the last track we see from this well-matched duo.

“It’s been such a pleasure working with a musician of this level of skill, truly inspiring to be able to work so openly and creatively. As far as we’ve already come with a sound, this really is just the beginning!”-Kursa, on working with Alicia Kiah


Asked what we can expect from this collaboration in the future, Kursa hinted at an album concept in the works, with singles and EPs along the way, as well as bootleg releases under the alias SNOOZi, the first of which can be found on Kursa’s Bandcamp subscription, “Kurs’d Earth.”

“Kursa’s talent is boundaryless. The melodies he produces on the drums are incredibly inspiring for my own melodic work. He helps the notes speak with his relentless prowess. Using some of my classical influences in these projects has also been one of the highlights of this adventure so far. Being creative with someone who trusts my abilities is empowering, and our collaborative project is most sacred to me. Kursa’s open-minded attitude has helped us in creating a dynamic approach to production.”-Alicia Kiah

Plant Industry

This single marks the first release from Kursa’s new label imprint Plant Industry. Designed as an outlet for Kursa’s collaborative projects, Plant Industry will give new accessibility to Kursa’s music with the parallel vision of eventually hosting a regular schedule of live events and live hardware/dj set streams online, creating “a harmonious union between the visual aesthetic and sound.”

“I’ve been experimenting a lot with strange types of lofi photography in various formats and I feel like I’ve almost got something intrinsic to the sound that I’m excited to finally share.”-Kursa

If you’re in the Northeast, catch Kursa on May 25th at SILO Brooklyn with EAZYBAKED and parkbreezy. This summer, he will be playing two nights in Texas as well as a B2B with COPYCATT at Sound Haven Festival. It was also just announced that he will be performing two special sets at this year’s Submersion Festival, a beats set and a live hardware set, both of which you will not want to miss.

eazybaked and kursa

With this track, it’s clear that Kursa and Kiah indeed have something to say. We can’t wait to hear what they cook up next. Listen to “Got Something To Say?” on your favorite streaming service today, and make sure follow the links below to stay up to date on artist announcements and releases to come.

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