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Kasbo Opens Up About Disappearance From Music & Social Media

Those that are Kasbo fans may have noticed that he’s been relatively silent on social media. His last tweet, besides his most recent update, was from early June about a festival appearance for Mamby on the Beach. Other than that, nothing.

Today, Kasbo rejoined the social sphere with an update on what exactly has been going on. And unfortunately, it’s not the best of an update. Earlier this year in May, he “woke up one morning unable to hear in his left ear.” Unfortunately, they were unable to diagnose just what it was that was causing him to lose hearing. For several months he explains he was “severely depressed” because he thought he was “going deaf.”

But now, 5 months later he is returning back to normal, slowly but surely. “I can almost function normally again,” he said in the post.

We are with you Kasbo and wish you the best!


Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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