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Black V Neck Talks Tech House, Tarzan, and Dirtybird Campout [Interview]

Dirtybird Campout is almost here, and we can’t wait to get down and dirty at one of our favorite music festivals.


While we’re just as excited for the campout activities as we are for the music, the Dirtybird Campout lineup is stacked from top to bottom, including tons of up-and-coming producers you might not have heard of. One of those lovely discoveries is Black V Neck, who will be opening up the Birdhouse stage at Dirtybird Campout.

The duo of Ian Beato and Julian Sacheli had already released music on labels like Bunny Tiger and Basement Leak before being brought into the Dirtybird nest for their past few releases. Their recent track “Sex, Drugs, Alcohol” wholly embraces the fun, lighthearted side of house music that Dirtybird is known for.

We were able to ask the duo about their sound, Dirtybird Campout, and their new track “Tarzan” which is out now on the Dirtybird Campout West Coast Compilation.

Check out the interview and stream their new track “Tarzan” below! 

RB: Let’s start with the basics for those who aren’t familiar. Tell us a little about your history and how Black V Neck came to be.

Ian: We both met at Florida International University in the marching band camp during the summer. We eventually got into conversation and realized that we both played the french horn and liked producing music.

Julian: I introduced Ian to Abelton a little after that and that’s basically where we started working together. I had grown up listening to house music but Ian had been working with rock bands, so I showed him the light. We began the Black V Neck project a few years later once we felt we were ready. 

The Tech house sound has been around for a while, but it’s seen a resurgence in popularity with more mainstream artists like Chris Lake and Fisher. Where do you see yourselves within the genre?

Julian: A lot of groundwork for tech house was laid out by people like Claude VonStroke, Green Velvet and MK, who had been doing house music for years before tech house became what it is today. So, compared to these legends, we’re just starting out and learning more about this type of sound all while trying to build our own interpretation through our tracks.

Ian: I feel like we’re fortunate enough to be a part of this growing scene and are grateful to be able to introduce our creativity in the way we want. We then get the most amazing reactions from fans who click with it, so I think we’re going in the right direction. This is all a learning process for us, and every time we release a track or play in a new city, we learn more about ourselves and the music surrounding us. 

Which artists have been some of your biggest musical influences, from when you first started making music to the present day?

Julian: Hands down, Shiba San has had the biggest impact on our career and has supported us and our music from day one. His sound also has a deep influence on our production.

Ian: I agree, he’s been a mentor to us, always giving us honest feedback on our tracks and giving us hard advice when we need to hear it. 

You’re both from Miami and rep your hometown hard, but what are your other favorite places to play?

Ian: So far, Jacksonville and Detroit have been insane. We would be happy to be back soon!

Julian: We haven’t played there yet but we’re looking forward to eventually getting to Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Tell us about your new track “Tarzan” on the Dirtybird Campout West Coast Compilation.

Julian: It tells the story about a young man lost in the jungle and his journey through to make it back to civilization. Also, fun fact, that’s my voice in the track.

Ian: I’m a fan of the groove and I love how the track flows between the sections. It was fun making the vocal chops and creating the synths. 

Time to start a fight. What’s your favorite track on Dirtybird?

Ian: ITB by Walker & Royce, I love the lyrics.

Julian: For me this year so far, Another Planet by Bruno Furlan and DJ Glen 

Time to start another fight. Who are you most excited to see at Dirtybird Campout?

Julian: It’s a tough one, we’re fans of a lot of artists on the lineup. If I had to pick, the DUMB FAT guys (Steady Rock, Sage Armstrong and Franklyn Watts) and of course mon papa Shiba San.

Ian: Definitely have to catch ZDS and Gettoblaster. We’ve been playing their music all summer, so we’re looking forward to hearing it live. 

Who would win in a 3-legged race: Black V Neck, Walker & Royce, or Bob Moses?

Julian: If Ian doesn’t get an asthma attack, definitely us.

Ian: I have a back-up inhaler! 

What do you wear when you aren’t wearing Black V Necks?

Ian: I wear black everything

Julian: White crew necks 

Taylor Swift, Kesha, or Lana Del Rey?

Ian: Lana Del Rey

Julian: Definitely, Lana.

Catch Black V Neck at 12PM Friday on the Birdhouse Stage at Dirtybird Campout West Coast. The festival takes place October 4-6 at Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in Northern California. Tickets are still available here but act fast, this is looking to be a sold-out party. If you still need convincing, stream the whole Dirtybird Campout West Coast Compilation below to get a sneak peek of what you’ll be dancing to all weekend.


Featured Image Credit: Fred Reyes (@enterrupt_studios on IG)

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