JiV Channels Optimism With ‘Polarities: Side B’

JiV Channels Optimism With ‘Polarities: Side B’


Exactly a month ago JiV released Side A of the Polarities EP, some of his most cohesive work to date. Today, we’re happy to be covering Side B and its official release.

Focusing primarily on the wide spectrum of daily emotions, Polarities also represents the many struggles that come along with creation of any kind. While Side A of the EP reflects on the darker aspects of everything, Side B appropriately reflects the polar opposite; positivity, optimism, and hope. Clocking in at just about twelve minutes, Polarities: Side B features four brightly-themed tracks, each with a statement of their own.

The first track on Side B of the EP, “Still Here,” begins on a refreshing and calm note, carrying a sense of relief from surviving the spiral. Moving deeper into the build-up feels like strapping back in to finish any unfinished business. This one is guaranteed to keep your head bobbing whether voluntary or not and truly embodies a feel-good tune.

“Closer” is the second tune on the project and starts with a vibe similar to “Still Here.” Rather than a relaxed feel all the way through though, this track embodies motivation. The first half of the song is a bit more reserved but feels focused. It gives the sense of feeling closer to achieving what you’ve been working at and going in the right direction. The beginning of the latter half picks up quite a bit and drops into some gritty bass before slowing back down. This point in the track felt comparable to the feeling of locking in and staying productive with a clear head.

The third and final track, “In A Dream,” feels like a sweet celebration. Starting at a slow pace, you’re greeted by a gentle piano melody that steadily evolves into a euphoric and spacey soundscape; floating you through the first two minutes while you look back at how far you traveled to get here. The realization hits along with the bass and suddenly you feel liberated and proud of yourself.

This project in its entirety does a great job of showcasing duality and humility through music. It isn’t always easy translating your emotions into an art form, but Vilardi does it well. Needless to say, we’re going to be watching JiV closely.

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