JiV Elicits a Darker Side on Latest Release, ‘Polarities: Side A’

JiV Elicits a Darker Side on Latest Release, ‘Polarities: Side A’

JiV is a name that holds weight in the underground; an artist with a passion for what he does and how he does it.

Jimmy Vilardi is the mind behind JiV, a New York City-based music producer who is well on his way up the ranks. Originally from Long Island, Vilardi began to make a name for himself within the thriving underground bass scene in Brooklyn. Typically showcasing a journey across emotions and the sound spectrum via Ableton Live sets has undoubtedly set him apart from most. If you were in attendance for his Sound Haven set last year then you know just how true that is.

While we haven’t seen any lengthy releases from the East Coast producer since his two-track falling into place / Free Yourself EP in 2019, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. In addition to multiple released singles and some notable performances at festivals like Elements last year, he’s also been hard at work perfecting his latest project and second EP, Polarities.

Polarities is a two-sided EP, with Side A being released earlier this week. Serving as a symbol to reflect daily emotions and the hardships of creating art, Side A displays the darker side of it all with two thoughtful tracks.

The first song to kick off Side A is “Spiral,” a rugged ride with an appropriate name. The intro creeps into your eardrums with an almost eerie energy. Undertones of an aggressive bassline can be heard before quickly being greeted by a familiar sample pre-drop, “ima let ’em spin like a spiral.” Immediately the intensity is cranked up and all of your frustrations are manifested into gun fingers. The energy this one carries is second to none.

Next up is “Further.” While “Spiral” wastes no time getting right down to business, “Further” is a bit more patient and takes its time. The first half of this tune is spent engaging the listener in what feels like time to reflect and recollect. When the drop hits, it feels like a release, but also embraces the sentiment of daunting anxiety from feeling so close, yet so far.

Polarities is just the start of what is sure to be a year full of surprises from JiV. From Dubday residency to major festival stages, JiV always strives to give it everything he’s got, and he’s only getting better. As of now, you can expect to see him next at The Astral Project in Tennessee, with his next major release, Polarities: Side B, set to release within the next few weeks.

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