Slovak Bass-House Guru Jimmy Pé Goes Grunge in Latest Music Video (Watch)

Slovak Bass-House Guru Jimmy Pé Goes Grunge in Latest Music Video (Watch)

Jimmy Pé

One of the best parts about artistic expression is that the only rules you have to follow are your own. And even those are fun to break every now and then. A great example of this lawless practice, where artists are free to express their creativity in any way they choose, is Jimmy Pé’s latest music video featuring his 2022 debut “Pé Is Not Dead.”

The recently released bass-house track is a gyrating single filled with womps and wobbles that give a shout back to the early 2000s era of bloghaus. For those unfamiliar with this fascinating trend that rose and fell in the first decade of the century, it was a genre that came from the electroclash scene which combined disco and 80’s classics with noisy electro house. 

Today, Jimmy Pé has resurrected this fascinating artifact in high fashion with this recent release of his and the music video that comes with it. In the music video, we follow the paths of two reckless, unhinged killers, who get their fix through taking the lives of victims via their lethally produced music. A hair-raising plot executed with humor and all of our favorite parts about explicit behavior.

As a self-proclaimed “broken beat explorer,” Jimmy Pé’s cut-up electronica appears to be seeping into the speaker systems of fans everywhere. With his unique style and approach to production, which has caught the attention of names like Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, TOKiMONSTA, and several more, expect Pé to continue his climb to the top.

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