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Hulaween Issues Statement After Details Emerge of Missed Payments to Artists & Staff

Suwannee Hulaween - Phierce Photo

Earlier this week, The Festive Owl reported a troubling story coming from one of the top festivals in the country. 

Suwannee Hulaween still hasn’t paid at least a hand full of artists, vendors, and staff members from 2018. The report came in from one of the artists involved Justin Casey. Casey reached out to The Festive Owl, who posted Casey’s full statement yesterday regarding the non-payments.  

After the story broke, Paul Levine, one of the curators and founders of the festival issued a statement claiming the festival lost money from 2018 and is still trying to sort through their financial obligations. Levine claimed they are humbled, embarrassed and overall sorry for not having paid their full obligations to festival members. You can read Levine’s full statement below. 

With tons of festivals headed for the graveyard in 2019, it looks like Hulaween has to find some new investments to hold this year’s event. Could that mean Hulaween joins Okeechobee on the festival Graveyard? Only time will tell. As this story evolves, we will update everyone! 

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