It Looks Like Euphoria Music Festival is the Latest Fest to Be Cancelled

It Looks Like Euphoria Music Festival is the Latest Fest to Be Cancelled

There are a few essential things you need in order to make a successful festival: a good solid lineup and enough time to sell tickets to afford that lineup. 

After some pretty easy detective work, its obvious that Euphoria Music Festival, based out of Austin, Texas does not have either of things. For the past six years the festival has been held in early to mid April, with some big headliners like Alesso, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Above & Beyond, GRIZ and many more.

But with no lineup announcement, no tickets to sell, no actual posts on social media besides some corny photos and promo for other events, and no information on the 2018 festival, we can safely say Euphoria 2018 is not happening.

The last substantial message from the festival was at the start of 2018.

We are just addressing the elephant in the room. Fans have long been asking on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the festival has still yet to make any comment. Hopefully this article, and the articles that copy and paste our words will make them announce something soon. Until then, you can welcome Euphoria into the festival purgatory list. Joining dozens others who have not survived the festival bubble burst. RIP Euphoria.

The festival had no comment when we reached out. We will update if we hear back from them.

Photo Credit: aLIVE Coverage

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