GRiZ Announces GRiZ Rocks 2017; Sparks Controversy Among Bassheads
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GRiZ Announces GRiZ Rocks 2017; Sparks Controversy Among Bassheads

Today the internet went nuts over GRiZ’s latest announcement of his GRiZ Rocks event at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO. This two-night event will feature a first-ever appearance by the GRiZ Live Band the first night and then a “traditional” DJ set to close out GRiZ Rocks. His announcement with the quote from GRiZ himself, “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to do this”, marks a special event for fans and artists alike. 


Red Rocks is the ultimate venue, and to experience the GRiZ live band for the first time on the Rocks will be an experience unlike anything else.

So what’s with the controversy? 

At the beginning of the month, Bassnectar made his announcement for a 3-day Basscenter coming to Hampton, Virginia on September 1-3, 2017. Like last year, the event was expected to sell out… however, the event still has not completely sold out. There is speculation that fans are unattracted to the fact that, compared to last year, there is no camping. There also are no single day tickets for the event, so fans either have to completely commit to a 3-day event plus a hotel room for those 3 days, or nothing at all. 

The kicker: Griz Rocks is the same weekend as Basscenter

Fans of both Bassnectar and GRiZ are having to deal with a difficult decision. There are quite a lot of factors that come down to it: ticket prices, hotel rooms/Airbnb, travel, etc. Neither venue is necessarily close to each other, but one is obviously on a completely different scale compared to the other.  Just like New Year’s Eve, GRiZ has Bassheads contemplating their plans. In the end, fans will go as they please…. but this announcement undoubtedly is changing the game for 2017.

Which will you choose? 

Two nights of GRiZ at Red Rocks in Colorado? Or three nights with Bassnectar at the Mothership?? 

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