Grayskale and JamL Seek New Territory with Slim Shady Sitar Composition (Listen)
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Grayskale and JamL Seek New Territory with Slim Shady Sitar Composition (Listen)

grayskale and jaml

Electronic music producers are in a unique position where any and all elements, samples, and noises are fair game when putting a song together. Some of our favorite songs are those with instruments that have no place being there. Or tracks that combine unlikely elements in a way that might not make sense, but still sound great. 

This combination of diverse elements is a feature that makes a song truly unique, and something that producers Grayskale and JamL have tapped into with confidence and curiosity in their latest collaboration.

Released independently, “Doing” is a track that explores the freedoms bestowed upon producers to do anything they want with their musical arrangements. The track intros with some tranquil sitar chords that eventually dip into an assemblage of mean bass and oscillating clops. All of which come equipped with vocal samples from Eminem’s “Ass Like That,” which extends the sundry spectrum of elements even further. 

We’ve been fans of the Grayskale and JamL projects for some time now, but to see them come together on a track as bold as “Doing” goes to show all the insane potential that these two budding bass artists possess.  

In 2023, Grayskale has plans to bring a new live set into place, one that incorporates a live synthesizer, while JamL looks to release a new EP early in the year. Keep up with both of these insane acts in the links below as they continue to expand upon their discographies and exploratory production skills.

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