Ginseng Transcends Boundaries with Emotive Downtempo EP, 'Miracle Surface'

Ginseng Transcends Boundaries with Emotive Downtempo EP, ‘Miracle Surface’


Asheville, North Carolina-based artist Ginseng has become a rising talent in the glitched-out chasms of experimental bass. He has made a name for himself in the underground and is quickly beginning to demand attention for his nuanced sound design and unhinged live sets.

Most recently, Galen Mayfield, AKA Ginseng, was laying down a gauntlet at Denver’s The Black Box for the 3 of a Kind tour featuring Chez, crawdad sniper, and Charles Nimbus. Just a few days later, he had a hometown throw down in AVL while supporting kLL sMTH and Cut Rugs.


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It’s clear to see that he is riding a wave of momentum following a massive appearance at Infrasound Equinox last year and his perfomance vigor and production output are really feeding off it. While some of his big releases such as Time for Growth and Just Move Forward identified Ginseng’s trademark sound, he has been building upon his methods and influence in profound ways.

Today, Ginseng presents his latest body of work: a three-track downtempo EP dubbed Miracle Surface.

ginseng miracle surface
Cover Art by Vurp Visuals

The EP starts off with “Lost Out There,” which is my personal favorite track and a lovely introduction to the EP. It has a long and slow build-up that takes off into a midtempo fusion of drums, synthesizers, chimes, and special sound effects similar to those Tipper might use.

Next is “Can’t Believe My Ears.” If you’ve ever wondered what the inner monologue of a duck sounds like, this might provide some insight. A more experimental endeavor, this track uses funky samples and cheerful extraterrestrial sonics to create a laid-back vibe perfect for afternoon lounging at festivals.

Closing out Miracle Surface is “August’s Big Dream,” dropping just in time for warm summer days. This tune is a little more upbeat than the last two, but it matches the energy set by its predecessors perfectly. Chimes and a minimalist percussion arrangement tie the whole EP together, leading to a cohesive sound that poignantly demonstrates Ginseng’s growing artistry.

We were able to have a chat with Ginseng about his inspiration for Miracle Surface, and he provided a little insight into the thought process.

I’m always really drawn to downtempo in the vein of Wickers Portal/Tipper/Somatoast, and I love their exploration of atmospheres and emotion! I use a lot of generative techniques and then dial in the emotion and intention behind the arrangement from there for songs like this EP. I have to put a huge shout-out into the world for my buddy August. He produces music under the name INQUUIT, and our adventures together and time spent in the studio with one another really helped me write these tunes! ‘August’s Big Dream’ was written for his birthday this year.

Ginseng has performed under well-renowned artists including Potions, kLL sMTH, Molokai, Alejo, and Smigonaut, so it’s easy to see where he gets his influence. In regards to the future, the Asheville-based artist is planning to announce one of his biggest supporting slots to in addition to tons of new music on the horizon!

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