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Flume Drops Unreleased Single Featuring Vera Blue at Lollapalooza [Watch]

Flume just had one of the craziest performances we’ve ever seen at Lollapalooza. Featuring space like costumes, plants, guests appearances, power tools, and just some overall craziness, the future bass pioneer took his performance to a new level. 

If you happened to tune in and watch any of the live steam, you might have seen a brand new unreleased single being shared. Vocalist Vera Blue joined Flume on stage to perform “Rushing Back,” a new unreleased single that has yet to see the light of day.

Flume sharing unreleased singles at festivals means more Flume music and shows are on the way! You can see a partial video of the ID from Lollapalooza below and the full song played out at Osheaga festival in Canada this past week. 

Flume ID- played at Lolla from r/EDM

What better way to showcase new music, then do it in front of thousands of fans at one of the biggest festivals in the world. Flume is back baby, and this wild performance is only the beginning. 

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