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Flume and London Grammar Release Poppy Single 'Let You Know' [Listen]

Featuring a more traditional, danceable rhythm than his recent experimental tracks, “Let You Know” is classic Flume plus commanding vocals courtesy of vocalist Hannah Reid. Reid is the current lead singer of the British indie band London Grammar. 

The BPM rings in around 120, typical of a house track, which explains why you might want to shuffle while listening. Synth stabs and sparkling pings dance around and underneath Reid’s angelic voice. Flume briefly shared how the song came about on Twitter immediately following the release.

London Grammar is a British indie band. The young trio has released two albums thus far. Their sound is often atmospheric and chilling. Reid’s vocals on this latest release are huge and bright, much like the vocals for her own band.

Fans of Flume are hopeful for a new mixtape, with many speculating a release on June 21, the first day of summer. High This Is Flume was released on the first day of Spring and followed by the single “Friends.” The cover art on both featured a “1.” “Let You Know” features a “2” on its cover art, possibly implying a release series.

Stream the new single below

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