Finding Love Online Through Music [Part Two]
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Finding Love Online Through Music [Part Two]

Finding Love Online Through Music: Get a Little Bit Closer with 5 Gay Love Songs

“If music is the food of love, play on “… In one of his most popular dramatic verses, William Shakespeare said this. The Bard was well aware of the ability of music to arouse excitement and evoke emotional responses. Who could argue with that? Consider a CD your long-term girlfriend or new boyfriend sent you, or an occasion when music attended a special gathering. If you listened to the music again in a few years, you’d remember them: a memorable evening, the party where you first danced to ‘the tune,’ maybe your first date, and the early stirrings of blossoming love. So on and so forth. If you’re single and searching for someone special right now, the strength of music to ignite passion is a must-have element.

Favorite Music as a Topic for Chats

Most people who date online find it much easier to strike up a conversation with someone they already have a shared interest. And what can be a better icebreaker than music as a common interest? If a person has mentioned their favorite music or song or band or artists on their profile, you can jump right in if you are a fan too. You’d get a roaring conversation going in no time at all. Flipping this on its head, you can try talking about your favorite music on your profile. You’ll be attracting like-minded singles soon enough. After that, you can chat away day and night about music, slowly leading to other personal topics and finally your liking for each other.

Love for the Same Music Style Makes You Closer Even in Online Dating

What kinds of hobbies, passions, and pastimes do you and your partner enjoy? This is a question you should ask yourself not because pleasure is overvalued, but because it is always what brings a young couple together in the first place. A gay couple that just met on Gaystryst, for example, may discover that they both like swimming, playing basketball, and seeing plays, so that can become something that they might enjoy doing together. This is a great introduction, and some of these things can be enjoyed for years. It can actually become the magic glue in their relationship. Music, drama, fiction, art, or history are some possible intellectual or cultural interests. If you’re a music lover and also one of the millions of people who use online dating to meet new people or find love, you may want to search for a niche dating platform for music fans. Here you could meet other singles based on their love for music. In other words, taste in music and musical material is worth chatting about with other users, and it generates more dialog than, say, editing your bio.

Prepare for a First Date – Choose the Right Songs

Nothing has your jitters running quite like a first date. You begin to doubt everything. Can I put this on? Is a middle part or a back brush better for my hair? When he inquires about my previous boyfriends, what can I say? If you ask us, there are far too many questions to be concerned with! You’re attempting to be calm and composed rather than a bundle of nerves. And what better way to cheer your mood than with the happy boost of “Still Thinking Of You”? Choose songs that help you feel positive and enthusiastic for your first date. Your date would have no idea why he is being swept off his feet like this!

Boy Meets Boy: 5 Popular Gay Love Songs

“Desire” by Years & Years – A heady mix of love and lust, this song gives you the butterflies, ready to proclaim your love.

“Cupid” by Ryan Beatty – This soulful melody is filled with the sad happiness of a secret first crush that a young boy is yet to come to terms with.

“Forrest Gump” by Frank Ocean – ‘You run my mind, boy,’ Forrest thinks back to his first love. This song brings gay love to the mainstream in a superb way.

“What A Heavenly Way to Die” by Troye Sivan – The sweet lyrics best portray the feeling of worry-free and happy love.

“Dead of Night” by Orville Peck –  This song is a bittersweet ballad of heartbreaking, unrequited love.

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