RB Dance Music Artist You Should Know: Casual T + 'Still Thinking of You' [Listen]
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RB Dance Music Artist You Should Know: Casual T + ‘Still Thinking of You’ [Listen]

casual t

Returning to the forefront of indie-electronic music is austin, texas based artist Casual T, aka travis drews. After his 2-year hiatus, Drews dropped his first song following the release of his debut EP Lovers, 7-tracks filled with emotive dance music and relatable lyricism, which dropped in 2019. His newest release – “Still Thinking of You,” an infectious electro-pop, house-fused tune – has been on repeat here at River Beats since we got our hands on it.

“We have all been there.  It’s a song about heartbreak. I did my best to capture a feeling of longing in the simple drop melody and sad counter melody. I put a child’s laughter sound right before the second drop in order to show how crazy one can feel after a bad breakup. Loving someone can make you question your sanity sometimes.”

– Casual T

Drews passion for producing music came about in a pretty scary way: through a near-death experience. He was at a music festival in 2012 when his lungs collapsed from the weight of the bass. Turning a tragic experience into art, Drews alter-ego and love for producing came to be through the birth of Casual T.

A proficient scratch DJ/teacher, Drews is equal parts old-school and futuristic. With his experience in other genres including electronica, hip-hop, rap, and bass, he manages to combine elements from all of his past projects to fabricate the Casual T signature sound.


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We hope this is just the beginning of releases in 2021 from Casual T.

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