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DROELOE & Fytch Drop Distinctive Dark New Single ‘Through The Storm’ [Listen]

Dutch-duo DROELOE are back with “Through The Storm,” a powerful track with French bass artist Fytch.

DROELOE and Fytch’s aptitude for dark bass has distinguished them as daring leaders in the experimental scene. It’s no surprise that the artists’ first collaboration, “Through the Storm,” delivers on all fronts. In the same spirit as DROELOE’s collaboration “Facing The Sea” with Sem earlier this month, “Through the Storm” navigates the theme of perseverance in the face of rough waters, as Fytch explains:

“Through The Storm is an oath…a promise to always be a light when the storms of life obscure the view of the shoreline. Sometimes all that you need is one person to promise to keep shining a light. This can be the difference between making it to shore safely or being dashed on the edges of a rocky coast.”-Fytch

The track adeptly blends DROELOE’s signature percussion and heavy rhythmic cuts with Fytch’s ominous emotionally-charged sound. Fytch’s brooding verses communicate the message, bolstered melodically by soft guitars and layered vocals. The energy shifts dramatically in the drop, as the distorted melody soars through a sea of gritty bass.

With this release on Bitbird, DROELOE illustrates once more how forward-thinking collaborations serve to further magnify their illustrious sound. Building on a solid catalog that includes prodigious collaborations with Rezz and Dabin, take note that Fytch’s imminent rise is already well underway.

Check out the track and the epic visual series for “Facing The Sea” and “Through The Storm” below!

Connect with DROELOE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Connect With Fytch: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Website

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