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Dotcom Releases First Song in Over Three Years: ‘Gang Shit’ [Listen]

Dotcom, aka Marshmello, has been quite busy with music under the mello-head alias. In January 2016, Dotcom ditched this name and pursued music under the poppy-electronic sounds of Marshmello. He released his debut album, Joytime, which included the hit and his debut single “Keep it Mello.”

Since then, he’s been relatively busy with the Marshmello moniker. From festival performances to Las Vegas sets weekly, even making his own cooking show, he’s been quite the busy one.

Per a tweet on Dotcom‘s Twitter earlier this week, he formally announced his return to making music under the alias with a new song: “Gang Shit.” For the music video, he recruited the likes of Casey Frey, Nick Coletti, and a handful of other popular Twitter/Youtube/old Viners. “Gang Shit,” featuring Lil Toe, is the first release from Dotcom in over three years.

Give the song a listen and watch the music video below.

Featured image is SUPER old – from artist Facebook page. 

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