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Can We Please Talk About How Cringeworthy ‘Cooking With Marshmello’ is? [Editorial

Lets get something straight before we start this piece: I’m not openly bashing Marshmello, nor the Marshmello project, but good god, this cooking show is something bad.

Let me explain the series a little bit for you to understand the context.

It involves a masked Marshmello miming like he is cooking, while a female British voiceover explains how to make red velvet cupcakes, cheesesteaks, chocolate mice, and loads of other random crap. The Marshmello team changes the episodes up by adding new guests, or making Spanish editions, but it’s all the same.

Marshmello openly acts like he is clueless the whole time; he drops and cracks things for the 2-3 minutes skits. Give some of the episodes a watch, and you go ahead and let us know what you think. I’m not promising you won’t feel disgusted.

After viewing them, there are some instant things that come to mind. Things we can’t but wonder about…

1.) Who’s awful idea was this?

2.) Is Dotcom, aka Christopher Comstock, actually behind the helmet during all these cooking shows (we highly doubt this)?

3.) Can we PLEASE stop this madness? His cooking videos average 100k views. INSANE numbers.

Over the past three years, the masked DJ has been absolutely everywhere. From every main stage, to ABC News, to guest appearances on talk shows. And while you might not be a fan of his music, millions of people openly expressed their love for #MelloGang.

But we have to draw some lines somewhere people. Listen, we get it. Video activations are the new way of marketing for major artists and brands, but the Marshmello team really couldn’t think of some better ideas?

The entire vibe of the show is suppose to play into this jokingly commical skit with a voiceless Marshmello, but we have entered into an unusual space here. One in which we can’t tell if the producers actually realize how bad this is, or if they have just let it go too far.

Honestly, what is your take on it?

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  1. Uhmmmmm! My take on it is that I love the show? & don’t find one bit of it cringeworthy?

    It’s rather quirky & he does cooks in some really good stuff in that short time.

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