BUKU 2022 Got Blessed with an Insane Don Peyote & BuckTen B2B (Listen)
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BUKU 2022 Got Blessed with an Insane Don Peyote & BuckTen B2B (Listen)

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This past March, the BUKU Music + Art Project welcomed fans back to their grounds with one of their biggest lineups to date. While most of the headliners on the bill had performances that further cemented their places in the electronic music scene, other opening acts threw down sets that jolted unexpecting crowds and introduced them to new fanbases.

One of those opening acts that stood out to us was the Don Peyote B2B with BuckTen. Filled with tons of IDs, remixes, edits, mashups, and originals, the 45-minute set enthralled us from start to finish. It was one of those sets that leave you pleasantly surprised and somewhat baffled that a performance that mind-blowing was taking place so early on. 

Nonetheless, Don Peyote and BuckTen fans appeared more than satisfied while the uninformed got to enjoy an energetic, banger-filled performance as the sun was still high.

Hailing from New Orleans, Don Peyote has been in the River Beats spotlight since the inception of the project around 2018. One of Peyote’s earliest releases was a collab with BuckTen which made their performance at BUKU this past weekend all the more memorable. 

Listen to the full set here.

2022 has seen Don Peyote continue refining his trademark sound with a scorching hot single, “In My Head,” that captures the artist in the best production shape of his career. After an incredible festival debut at BUKU this past March, there’s no telling what’s next for this up-and-coming producer.

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