Budding House Music Talent DJ Trail Mix Reveals Rolling Two-Track EP [Listen]

Budding House Music Talent DJ Trail Mix Reveals Rolling Two-Track EP [Listen]

Just in time for Halloween, up and coming house artist DJ Trail Mix dropped his Psycho EP on D.C. label Chub Rub today.

Having made his debut with a “chunky,” grooving track titled “Equinox”on the blossoming label back in September, it is no surprise that this two-track EP is equally as funky. As is Chub Rub tradition, the label also released an entertaining teaser video along side the EP.

Watch the Video Below:

On the A-side, the title track, “Psycho,” is a hard-hitting slice of tech. Featuring dark tones and a complex sound design, this record truly highlights DJ Trail Mix‘s talent for production. The second track, “Other People,” is a bit lighter than the first, but just as good. Quickly transitioning to a funkier, electro vibe, this B-side hitter is reminiscent of sounds from the late 70’s and 80’s.

Read what label boss Zach Eser (zacheser) had to say about the release below.

DJ Trail Mix continues to reel in the exact mood we aim for on this release – hope you dig it.”

Stream the Psycho EP on Spotify:

Purchase the EP here.

A label to watch, Chub Rub is certainly making a name for themselves this year. With the debut of two massive EP’s and releases from signed Dirtybird’s Danny Kolk and Ed Lee in 2018 alone, it is obvious that this is just the beginning for this unique, down-to-earth label.

Want to learn more about Chub Rub? Read River Beats’ exclusive interview with label creator Zach Eser (zacheserhere.

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