Devault Reveals Complete 'Ruby' Project With Full Audiovisual Experience [Listen/Watch]



Devault Reveals Complete 'Ruby' Project With Full Audiovisual Experience [Listen/Watch]

DEVAULT’s complete audiovisual experience alongside his latest EP, Ruby, is here. The 6-track EP includes two previously released singles: “Velvet” and “Hold On,” a collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots. Ruby is the third installment in Devault’s audio-visual experience, following up Jade and Sapphire. Each EP showcases different approaches to his sound, with Ruby exploring a much darker, synth-wave soundscape.


Listen to the EP below:

Alongside the Ruby EP is a 10-minute short film divided into three episodes. Video 1 is paired with “Hold On,” the pulsing collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots. In the video, a fight club is replicated to match the song’s sinister vibe. Part 2 features “Velvet,” with an equally as tense fight scene unfolds on a subway car. As the song builds, so does the madness. Part 3 is matched with “Need to Know,” the first song on the EP, and features Devault himself as a briefcase filled with rubies concludes the epic chase.

Watch part 1, 2, and 3 below:

“Ruby to me is full plunge into the world I’ve always wanted to rest in. This dark soundscape accompanied by an over-dramatic film piece is something I’ve had in my head for a very long time, but could never find the perfect timing. The songs are mature, but hold nothing back, and I think that will be seen as you hear each record.”

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Featured image via Blair Brown. 


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