Devault's Sinister Discography Continues to Grow With The Bloody Beetroots Collab [Listen]

Enter the dark and edgy world of Devault. The LA-based producer returns once more to add to his audiovisual series alongside The Bloody Beetroots. Joining the new track is an audiovisual piece by Acetone Films – below -: the first look at his newest project titled Ruby, expected later this month.

“Hold On” is an aggressive hardcore punk tune combining the aesthetics and sound elements of both Devault and The Bloody Beetroots, a match made in Heaven that we never would have thought to combine. Coming in at under 3 minutes, I almost wish the artists would’ve dug a bit deeper to push the track further. Regardless, I’m a fan and continue to be a fan of the direction Devault continues to pursue.

The visual pushes the music even further through the soundscape, with a video reminiscent of a fight club. In the video, we are joined from the first perspective with the main character as they make their way through a warehouse, following behind a target of high value. Devault continues to “create something that pays homage to the music that got [him] so excited about electronic music in the first place.”

Featured image via artist.

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